The Ebb and Flow ~ ~ ~

Riding the wave ~


As human beings we are always searching for things that are constant. We try with all of our might to get things to stay, to be, to not shift, move or let it out of our sight. The more we try to nail it down and make it stay, the more fleeting it becomes. We all reach, reach, reach for what we desire most, money, youth, security, love, anything no matter what name you give it, the more you attempt with physical action to hold onto it, the faster it seems to slip away, like water through your fingers. All of this action to me, someone who is empathic, intuitive, which we all are to varying degrees, feels resistant in nature, it feels like a clog in a drain, a knot, there is no movement in all of those words I used to describe that feeling of trying to hold…

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Mindful Interactions

I enjoy reading words I wrote a year or two or more and finding the wisdom within my own words. We have this knowledge within us, even if we forget, momentarily.


543821_10151480165074892_450871486_nFor just a moment, think back to a moment in time that made you sad or mad. Whatever that moment was, you had a physical reaction within your body.
Do you remember what the physical reaction to that moment felt like?
You could have just experienced it once again at the thought of it?

Now switch to a moment of Love, the birth of a child, the moment you knew you were in love with your spouse or partner.
What is your body’s physical response to that thought?

In these moments, either positive or negative, you witnessed a change of energy or vibration within your physical body. You can “feel” the shift in your energy on a physical and emotional level.
Our children diagnosed with autism feel this on many levels of their being. Not only their own physical changes within as they witness or observe something in their environment…

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A Simple Preference


Above all, I prefer ease.
The gap inbetween.
Gentle relief.
A content smile.
To sit long enough in that space of quietness, contentness.
As I do this, I can feel my soul fill and overflow and then I am of great benefit to all I come in contact with.

Stress and anxiety have no place here, although there was great benefit from them.

My love, Tracie

Embracing Autism

In honor of #Autismawareness month, may I offer a blog near and dear to my heart. With so many struggling, looking for purpose, perhaps looking toward a perspective that may be a little different may be just the thing.


552651_515662595137386_1822809759_n (2) What can all of humanity can learn from Autism? I believe Autism has valuable lessons for all if we are willing to listen. Embracing Autism isn’t a popular way of being, many parents will put up walls right here and stop reading this article at the thought of embracing something that can be so challenging. I agree, it can be a difficult challenge for many parents initially, especially when our children are so hypersensitive to the energy that surrounds them. It is not my intention to force another to see any way of life in the way I do but to simply share my experience, my process, my perspective. I did not always embrace Autism, it has been a long and difficult road but if I may offer hope to one parent, to be the person I was searching for after Connor’s diagnosis, to gently whisper to you, the life that is available to you…can…

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Appreciating the Mundane

I appreciate the knowledge within. There is no reason to search outside of ourselves for answers, we hold them within. I appreciate learning from…myself. ^.^


sexy-wife1I am a wife to a wonderful guy, the mother of three great children, completely biased of course, our youngest child happens to have autism among his many talents. I have been down the path of insecurity, judgment, fear, trying to do better than others, be better than others, feeling like a victim of life or the circumstances until depression took hold in a big way more than a decade ago. I knew if I were to continue living, I was not about to live life in the same mindset I was practicing the first 30 years of my life. I set the intention to find more meaning within my life. I could not understand why I was feeling depressed, I was/am married to a great guy, we enjoy a loving, fun, content relationship and I have had the pleasure of knowing him most of my life. We created three…

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Perspective IS Everything

rose-colored-glassesI attended the Abraham-Hicks, Well-Being workshop yesterday, the theme I picked up on was how we focus, our perspective.  My life has changed for the magnificent between their wisdom, my remembering my own power within and applying what they teach, along with many other teachers, has been life changing.

“It isn’t what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.” -Henry David Thoreau

“When you Change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” Dr. Wayne Dyer
I sat next to a very nice gentleman, he had a cold or dry throat and was putting lozenges in his mouth throughout the seminar. After doing so, he was fidgeting with the wrapper. Now, I noticed the sound he was making but I was focused on Abraham. I was able to easily tune him out and listen to the wisdom that resonates within me.
A woman in front of us, heard the wrapper and turned to give him a very cold stare. I was not clear whether he saw this or “got” her non-verbal hint or not.
I got it, I admit I do not like making waves, her cold stare made me feel uncomfortable.

Towards the end of the seminar she turned around and said, “That is very distracting for me, I cannot concentrate (focus) on Abraham.”
He apologized.
He was not aware he was doing it.
I had forgotten he was doing it because it was not in my awareness/focus.
For a moment, I was uncomfortable at her saying something to him.
I tried to soothe myself from the momentary discomfort of her discomfort and then, it hit me.
It was Law of Attraction in Action, right in front of me.
Exactly what Abraham was speaking of, playing out right before my eyes.

As he was leaving, I told him, “You know, I wasn’t fully “aware” you were making noise until she pointed it out to me.”
My focus, attention, perspective was mesmerized by listening to Abraham and how to apply or how I do apply and weave all of their wisdom in my life already.

This is not at all about, me being able to focus better than this lady, hence I wasn’t aware of his noises. It is the fact that as she focused upon the conditions that were not comfortable to her, the condition got bigger (louder). By her feeling the need to tell him about how much he was bothering her, she was trying, did her best to “change” the conditions so she could feel better, rather than focusing upon what she wanted or in a way that was of greater benefit to her.  Abraham has said, paraphrasing, “It isn’t the BIG things you think about or focus upon that creates what is unfolding in front of you, it is the little things.” Do you choose to allow conditions to bother you and try to change them OR are you able to focus or perceive things in a way that is pleasing. YOU can control how you focus or perceive. If you try to control another, you will lose. She was able to get him to stop the noise for that moment but, who will be the next person or thing to show up to cause her discomfort?

My LOVE and Appreciation, Tracie


Focus on LOVE

beautiful-rose-flowers-34569282-940-675With some of the chaos in the world (which I recognize is minuscule in comparison to the joy and love in our world), especially recent events in a nearby county of San Bernadino, Paris before that, so many focus upon fear, being scared and believing things are going wrong in the world. Certainly, I understand and have compassion for those who undergo stress or tragedy, I desire, I am always able to refocus upon the good in our world.
When you know how to create a life you desire, (focusing in the direction of all you desire, finding joy in the little things life offers so abundantly) not giving “air-time” the what you believe/percieve is going wrong. You recognize you must learn and practice looking and observing life in the direction that is how you desire living. Does that mean everything is always perfect? Absolutely not. I am not perfect but I pray I always choose to focus upon love, peace, ease and any other emotion that is so desirable to me.

I cannot look in that direction of chaos, tragedy or those things that others may want to know for the purpose of being informed any longer without feeling physically ill.
I cannot watch the news without finding myself physically beginning to feel ill.
I appreciate how far I have come and recognize on many different subjects, I have much to learn, release and this, is what life in physical form is all about.
I also recognize, no matter where anyone else is on their journey, All is perfectly well. All is going just right. No judgment, it simply is.

While not everyone else sees things this way, I know for me, there is greater ease than focusing on/in the direction as the majority.
Ease, Peace, Love. Stay in love.


lovelight Tonight, when my husband came home from work, he mentioned something terrible happening in Paris.  I do not listen to the news and because I am sensitive to the world around me, I tip toe around hearing about things of this nature. I recognize many well-meaning, loving people want to be glued to the television to be informed about what is going on. It is far too easy to get wrapped up in the discomfort that is happening and unless you live nearby, you are probably not able to assist immediately. What if you have the power to assist all involved simply by focusing in a way that truly has power to assist everyone?

My first thoughts I heard powerfully within me is, STAY IN LOVE!

From my perspective, energy flows where attention goes, as one of my favorite mystics, Abraham-Hicks says. Certainly what is happening to those in Paris and the repercussions this will have on family and friends will be great BUT, we all have the ability to hold them in LOVE, focusing upon the Divine aspect in each person involved. Sending love, staying in the energy of love can actually assist our brothers and sisters in Paris.

Fear renders every single one of us powerless.

LOVE, has the ability to HEAL the world. Offer prayers of LOVE, not the energy or thoughts of worry or fear to Paris.

Join me in sending LOVE unto ALL, Tracie

“Your” Work

“If you think that your daughter is your problem, welcome to “The Work”. Your daughter is the perfect daughter for you, because she’s going to bring up every un-investigated concept you have until you get a clue about reality. That’s her job. Everything has its job. This candle’s job is to burn, this rose’s job is to blossom, your daughter’s job is to use drugs, my job is to drink my tea now. And when you understand, she’ll follow you, she’ll understand. It’s a law, because she’s your projection. When you move into the polarity of truth, so will she. Hell here, hell there. Peace here, peace there.” ~ Byron Katie Loving What Is

I was fortunate enough to learn early on in Connor’s life, he was reflecting my “inner” tantrums with his “outer” tantrums.
The moment you can recognize, you are upset with someone or something, if you can hold up the mirror and ask yourself, “Why does this person, moment or action, bother me so much?” You will find yourself on the precipice of healing a part of your soul. Those things that continue showing up in your life, do so, so they may be seen (by you) and healed. Sometimes, beloved angels show up in our lives to reflect back and show us where we need to be healed. Often, they are our own children who volunteer for the job.
Here and Now, Blissful Heart Mom

Evolution of Humanity

552651_515662595137386_1822809759_n (2) We are evolving as a humanity from my perspective.
It is my belief, my awareness, my understanding, my knowing our children are an integral part of this paradigm shift.
Growth is never comfortable as we have witnessed when our ‘typical’ children go through growing pains, add autism or any other so-called disability to the mix and you understand why our children diagnosed with autism often have discomfort in many areas.

This is why they are so sensitive to vaccines or often have negative reactions to vaccines or any foreign contaminant within their bodies, like processed foods.
This is why all of their five senses are often amplified on many levels, so much so we are left perplexed as to why they may be screaming when we as their parents or teachers cannot understand why they are having such a difficult time.
As I came into the awareness of this evolution Connor was showing me, as I recognized he was not disordered as I was told, he was simply different, an amplified, purer human being, so much relief came over me it was visible to Connor.
This opened up so much for us to become aware of within this new understanding.
As I began to practice unconditional love within my daily life, I began a magnificent journey that is available to all of us if we are willing to be curious about our children rather than doing our best to change who they are.
The moment you entertain this idea, your perceptual reality will begin to shift immediately.
My love,