“Under My Facade of Autism”

Last night I had the pleasure of watching a program called  ‘Autism: We Thought You’d Never Ask’. This program allowed adults with Autism to ‘speak’ about what their desires are for us so-called ‘Neurotypicals’ to know. Some of these bright, happy adults used verbal language, others used facilitated communication to express their desires.

As quoted by an adult with Autism, “Under my facade of Autism, what you would find is an ‘individualist’ rather than a ‘conformist’.”

Isn’t that what we all desire at our core? Freedom? To live our life in joy, love and peace, without having to acquiesce to everyone we encounter. Those with a so-called disability are fully aware and have the same desires as we all do, in a more pronounced way.

These wonderful people are living exaggerated contrast in their daily life, to show all of us with more clarity than we could ever be aware of,  that each human being desires the same thing at the CORE of our fundamental human experience.
I believe THAT is what these children and adults with Autism want and are teaching us! ♥


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