The Harder you try…..

It is one of those mornings; You woke up late, you burned the toast, the coffee filter jammed and you have coffee grounds and coffee all over the counter, you scramble to get out the door, hitting all of the red lights on your way to where you are going. It is not even 8 A.M., you have a full day to get through and you continue to push ahead.

The thought of stopping all motion forward and taking a moment or two, to be still…..sounds crazy. But, here is something I invite you to contemplate……What if by taking a few moments in the middle of a morning full of chaos, you could change the course of your day for the better?  You might think, “What? I don’t have time!”  BUT what if you took a few moments to sit quietly, close your eyes and breathe deeply on purpose, turning your attention toward calm, bringing yourself to a place of contentment. As you do this, you will be redirecting the tone of your day up for a perfect unfolding. When you turn your attention toward calm and contentment, the amount of work you can get done is Huge in comparison to continuing the day in chaos it began in. You have the choice ~



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