What message are you sending?

I once heard someone describe themselves as a ‘starving artist’. She could not afford to take some classes she desired taking because she did not have the money. She reminded me several times in our conversation that she was a ‘starving artist’. She LOVED being an artist but she did not think she could make money doing what she loved.

It reminded me of how powerful our words are. When you hold a belief, therefore thoughts that you think and speak those words of the beliefs you hold, you are reaffirming to the Universe exactly what you are wanting to experience within your life, whether you want it or not. The Universe or God does not judge what you are saying, believing or thinking. Law of Attraction brings you more of what you believe, think and say, no exceptions.

For my friend to speak, believe and reaffirm to the Universe that she was a ‘starving artist’ it was just like saying to the Universe …….”I love being an artist but I do not believe I can make money while doing what I love, more of this please”. She will continue to do what she loves as an artist and never make enough money to enjoy her life because that is the belief she holds.

Or ~

She could begin saying, “I LOVE what I do as an artist and there are many artists that continue to create beautiful pieces of work and make as much money as they desire and I am one of them.” She could make lists of positive aspects about her artwork, all of the things she loves about what she does, how she gets to create what she loves, the joy she gets from the feeback of her clients, etc.  By thinking, expressing, reaffirming, believing what she is expressing to the Universe is, “I LOVE what I do, I get paid very well for what I do, more of this please”. That can become her new reality.


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