Got it just right ……

A few years ago, I had a dear senior friend ask me a question I never thought I would answer in the way I did.  I am so appreciative that my outlook of life has changed to the point that it was a natural response for me……

As she and I were having tea one morning while I visited her, she knew my family well and she always wanted to know what Connor had been up to that morning. I always seemed to have an amusing story for her, and she always followed the story up with, “I love and adore that child!”

This one morning in particular she asked me, “Tracie, what do you think went wrong?” I knew she was asking me why Connor had his disability. My mind was flooded with all of the logical reasons it could have happened. All of the reasons so many other parents were certain why so many children are being diagnosed with this disability called Autism. Vaccines, environmental, genetics, I was on medication to stop what we thought was pre-term labor, Connor sat breech inside of my body, they tried to turn him, which was painful and I was concerned something was wrong. I took medication for depression for while I nursed Connor his first year of life. Then, all of that mental chatter stopped, and clarity and knowing came over me.

“What if it was his intention to come forth for a different life experience on purpose?” I explained to my dear friend. What if he could say, “Got it just right mom, now….let’s go have a blast together!”

I ask you to consider this, What if we all have full view of the life experience we were being born into. What if these magnificent children desired a different life on purpose, yes they knew there may be struggle, but from their broader perspective, they knew there would be great expansion, great growth for all that have the pleasure of witnessing them live their lives. What if these magnificent beings born into a physical body with a so~called disability came forth to BE our most profound teachers ~



  1. Martha Hart

    My Dear Tracy: I knew we had connected deeply from the moment I met you here: I am so touched reading about your child: You see I too have a daughter that is special: I went through so many of the things that you mentioned, I am now sure that my daughter came into my life to experence uncondiction love: I also now know that she taught me about betrayal: I have written several noes here on Fb about all the healing that has taken place: Bless you and I amso blessed to be apart of your life:) Love and Hugs Martha:) or Marvey:)

  2. Susan Scoville

    something to ponder and make this challenge into a beautiful, meaningful, and precious experience with the kaleidoscope of feelings and responses of your dear son. You understand. You look for the positive, know he is special for so many reasons. Sharing your feelings to other families is just one of the gifts you have received in this journey. God is good! YOU are just as much a blessing. God Bless

    • I love you dear Susie!
      You are such a precious woman and a joy in the lives of all who know you.
      I love my Bunco Buddy!

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