New Beginnings ~

It seems appropriate this morning to acknowledge a new beginning for more Love to Grow and expand within the world we live in. Everyone is speaking about what has happened in the news recently.

Whenever we know what we do not want, we always know more clearly what we do want. When we see harm come to anyone, we desire peace. When we see hurt and anger, we desire love to replace what we see as injustice. When we see oppression, we desire freedom.

If we feel the need to continue point out what we see as the wrong doings of others, we are then pushing against them, what they stand for and those who stand with them. It seems logical to express our dislike or hatred for them, after all, most of the world would agree, what they did was horrendous.  But, in doing so, we are not living and being the love we were all meant to be. In pushing against them, we hold ourselves in bondage.

However, if we take all that we have observed, the destruction, the heartache, the horror, the anger, the despair and the sadness, understanding that we all know more clearly the kind of world we NOW want to live in……..The more we focus on peace and love within our own lives, the more what we are asking for will be shown to us. As we each send out requests of the life we desire for ourselves, our family and the general population, we have the opportunity of living in the world we desire, a world full of Peace and Bliss.


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