We are supposed to be happy ~

It is so easy to lose who you are, when you are taking care of others. Whether you are a mother, a caregiver of another, a spouse, child or employee. The needs of others are often so in your face, you push ahead without realizing each time you do this, you are pushing your own needs away. I did this for a long time, not because I was being forced by anyone but myself, because I thought ‘it was the thing to do’. I was not supposed to be selfish, I was supposed to put the needs of others above my own. That is what I thought I was supposed to do to be considered a good mother, good wife or a good person.

No one was there keeping score. There isn’t a big book in the sky that someone is marking off how much you do for others. We often push ourselves to the point of exhaustion, grumpiness, fatigue or worse because of what we believe we are supposed to do.  You can only see your life through the eyes of self. If you are not selfish for you, you cannot fully love others because you are not loving you.

When you begin to take time for yourself, the clouds begin to clear, a softness comes around you. It does not have to be hours or even an hour. It can be a few minutes several times a day. Have a cup of tea, a bubble bath, or take a walk in nature. Smell the roses that bloomed just for your pleasure. Just enough time to relax your shoulders. When you can do this for yourself, everyone else in your life benefits tremendously. You become a happier person, just as you intended to be when you came into this physical life. You came here for joy, you came here to love, you came for expansion, You came here to BE HAPPY ~


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