Perspective is Everything ~

It is not the big things in life that have the biggest impact on the life you are creating. It is the small things that carve out and create our life experience. How you view these things makes a big difference. Think of Lego building blocks, you stack one on top of another to create whatever your imagination can think of. Each thought you think, you are adding to the creation, in the very same way. Are you building blocks of thought that are heading in the direction you desire? Or are they actually creating in the direction of things you do not want. Law of Attraction states “like attracts like”and it is a powerful law that is working whether you are aware it is or not, just like the law of gravity. As you give your thoughts to anything, whether it is wanted or unwanted, Law of Attraction only hears your request and does not make any judgements whether it is wanted or unwanted, it simply brings you exactly what you are giving your thoughts to.

Yesterday, it was beautiful, bright and sunny. Our daughter said to me, “Mom, I love it when those pink flowers float on top of the pool, it looks SO pretty.” I laughed because I had just had a conversation with my husband a few days before. He wanted to cut back the blooming flowers because he had to clean up the pool so much this time of year, before he jumps in.

When I told my husband what our daughter had said earlier in the day, we both laughed about it. It is all about perspective. I told my husband, maybe we can see those flowers in the beautiful light our daughter ‘sees’ them. It makes all the difference in the world ~


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