Pushing Against……..

It is very logical when you find something you do not like or want, to try to change it or the situation. You do not like the way something feels or is, so you try to change it so you can feel better.  Individually, everyone thinks their way of being is the correct way. Laws are changed so that everyone will adhere to the way a select group of people think. The way they believe everyone should be, think and live. Anyone who does not abide by the rules is considered a rebel, a law-breaker, or the black sheep of the family. So who is correct?

Wouldn’t it be freeing if we did not feel the need to change the minds of anyone else? We all get to be right! When you find something you do not like or want, all you need to do is focus on what you are desiring now and law of attraction will bring to you evidence of what you are wanting. No one else has to agree with you.

We came into this physical life appreciating that it would be filled with diversity. We knew that there would be contrast, from that contrast we would sort and sift, knowing what we do not want, finding with more clarity what we do want and then, placing our undivided attention on our new desires, watching the Universe yield to us all that we desire. You get to choose with is right for you and you can allow all others to choose what is right for them. That is true freedom ~


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