When you Ask it is Given ~

I remember when I was seriously thinking about becoming a life coach. It was something I was already doing with so many wonderful friends, family and parents of children, many that had children with disabilities. It was something I was so passionate about. I just knew these children with so-called disabilities were here for a more profound reason. I knew they came as teachers for all of us.

I have lived with depression twice in my life. The last time was after our third child Connor was diagnosed with Autism. It was a place I will never “be” again, because I know too much  about how to live in a way that is wonderful beyond words, that is authentic and genuine. I know we are all meant to be Happy!

I wanted to become a coach for all the right reasons. I did not want to just teach, coach or guide others, I wanted to live what I was teaching. Words do not teach. I know this, so it was very important for me, if I was to continue on this path, I wanted to make certain it came from my heart. I was not going to be someone who told others to actbe or live a certain way, a positive way and then be or act a different way. Yes, I still have difficult days, we are all human, but I know what to do to bring myself back to a place where positive emotions are dominant.

I had several teachers and programs I was considering. All of them were incredible, wonderful reputations, all very successful in the field of life coaching, so it was a difficult decision. To narrow it down, I decided I wanted to learn from those who had a business model that resembled what I wanted to convey to my future clients. I wanted authenticity, I wanted to walk the walk, and talk the talk.

After one of the children’s programs one evening, I stopped by a local drive thru to buy dinner for my family. This fast food place, had just come out with a new guacamole burger, so it was crowded. I sat in line contemplating my future plans, which seemed to be heavy on my mind. I was pretty certain at this point who I wanted to learn from, but my next question was, “Is this the right time? Should I take the plunge?”

As I pulled up to the drive-thru window, the gentleman took my money, then continued to gather our order. As he turned to walk away, the Universe in all of it wonderful, humorous glory gave me the sign I was asking for……the back of his t-shirt said, “Walk the Walk and Guac the Guac!” Yes, I had my answer and I was filled with joy, happiness, love and knowing this was the time, thrill bumps rippled up and down my spine. The Universe was saying, “Go for it”. We receive signs from the Universe all the time in answer to our questions, all you have to do……….is Ask ~


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