Finding your Happy Thoughts ~

We are all born wanting to feel good. When our mother’s gaze into our eyes, it feels so good. We soon forget that we have the ability to make ourselves happy with our focus and with our thoughts, so we begin to look to others to make us feel good. If they do not make us happy we frown or scold them, in hopes their behavior will change so we can feel better. When they do something that pleases us, we smile or applaud them as an example of approval of their behavior. However, you do not have any control over anyone else except you.

Happiness is a choice that you can make every single day, moment to moment and you do not need the actions of others or your circumstances to change to determine how you are feeling. You can appreciate where you are in this moment and look for reasons to feel good. The choice is yours in every moment. As you begin to look for more and more reasons to feel good, through Law of Attraction, you will be shown more reasons to feel good. You have this power within you to feel wonderful, and you do not need others to feel this way. Isn’t that a wonderful feeling? ;0)


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