A Paradigm Shift ~

Take just a moment, step back and view our world from broader view. Do you believe most people would love to be happier? Do you think most people are going about their daily lives doing what they believe is expected of them and not what fills their heart with joy? Do you think there is a lot of pressure placed on the majority to succeed, accomplish, produce, forge ahead no matter what the cost?

What if we are meant to truly be happy? What if we knew from a broader perspective we would come into our physical bodies for expansion, a little bit of contrast mixing it up with others we interact with, but that the majority of our time would be spent in love, in joy, in peace, in knowing All is Well? We came into our infant bodies, we were loved and cared for by well-meaning adults who lived a lot of life and were trained that we all must succeed, accomplish, forge ahead, keep our noses to the grind stone, make others happy, even if it makes us unhappy and that is what they begin to teach us as well.

So, what if new energies came forth that were unable to be so easily trained away from who they really are? What if from broader, non-physical perspective many children made the decision to come forth different enough that we will not be able to change who they are so easily? What if these precious children are coming forth in large numbers, and they are getting larger in numbers ~

They are coming with a purpose of teaching all of us a new way of BEing? What if many of us have the pleasure of witnessing these incredible teachers, these magnificent souls in the form of our children, teaching all of us that life is supposed to feel good. We are supposed to in~joy life. We are supposed to remember that All is Well.  I personally believe with everything I am that we are on the edge of a paradigm shift, and being the mother of a child with Awetism, I have a front row seat.

I do not believe it is Autism, I call it Awetism ~ I am in Awe


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