Half Full or Half Empty?

Our minds are incredibly powerful. Scientists explain that humans only use a small percentage of our brain power. We have only begun to tap into all that we can experience with the power of our minds.  More and more people are becoming aware of their own power from within. Being empowered feels so wonderful, it feels like love, it feels like joy, it feels like peace, it feels like contentment, it feels like clarity, it feels like you are living the life you came here to live. Every one of us and all things around us is made of energy/vibration and we have the ability to create a life we desire with the power of our minds.

When you see the glass as half empty or experience thoughts of worry, guilt, agitation, boredom or any negative emotion, you are planning a future event of something unwanted. By our thoughts and the Law of Attraction, which states, ‘like is drawn to like’, as we experience thoughts of worry or witness anything that causes negative emotion from within, we will attract ‘like’ energy or vibration to us. Most people are doing this by default, they observe something unwanted, offer a thought or vibration about it and Law of Attraction brings them a ‘like’ vibration or experience. They are not aware that they can create positive events, positive emotions with the power of focusing their thoughts in the direction of all things you appreciate.

When you begin to focus on positive thoughts, positive aspects of life and begin to see the cup as half full ~ Now, you will begin to attract positive thoughts, positive outcomes, positive experiences of things that you want to experience. Our minds are so incredibly powerful, we have the ability to direct our thoughts with what we think, and what we think will predominately show up in our experience. Our cup can overflow with magnificent feelings if we begin to focus on all positive aspects from within ~


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