Rose colored glasses?

Two people can be walking down the same street and ‘see’ things in a very different light.

I remember taking my daughter Alison to an event in Hollywood one year. She was young enough to ‘see’ every everything through the eyes of a child and nothing this adult could see. We were there for a Disney Princess Event. To watch the premier of a ‘princess movie’ followed by a true princess tea with all of the Disney princesses. As I looked around Hollywood, I saw some of those streets everyone speaks of a bygone era….”Hollywood and Vine” now littered with a different type of business and thought of the once star-studded streets of ‘old Hollywood’.  The next thing that caught my eye was the number of homeless people laying on the streets. The strange people talking to themselves. The people that were dressed incredibly odd, silly and strange yet completely comfortable in their surroundings.

During this rampage of my own discomforts in the quiet of my mind, my daughter said, “WOW Mom, we are in HOLLYWOOD!” Followed by her own rampage of all of the Beautiful things she saw ~ That day, I moved past my own discomforts of what I was witnessing with my ‘adult eyes’ choosing to see things through the eyes of my precious, loving, accepting daughter.

That is what we can do each day. The more discomfort you feel over something you are observing in your life, you can choose to see things in a loving and accepting way. The difference is huge and you will begin to feel good as well. So what do you choose to see?


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