“I Hear Everything”

When Connor was newly diagnosed in 2001, I heard a wonderful interview with a 16-year-old teen with Autism, that did not have verbal language. He had recently learned how to communicate via facilitated communication. The reporter asked him, ‘All of those years when you were not able to speak to anyone, what did you think? What did you hear? He said, “I heard EVERYTHING!” I was so appreciative of hearing his words in that moment. It can be so easy to forget that our children with Autism can hear us since they often do not look our way, in our eyes or even acknowledge us. Often they are acting out or having a tantrum.

It is not to embarrass you, hurt your feelings or to cause the surrounding adults discomfort. Our children are often having a very difficult time themselves. Soften your view just a little and simply ‘Be’ with your child. Center yourself, breathe deeply, allowing space for your child. When there is some calm, say to your child, “I do not have all the answers, I know you are feeling discomfort and it hurts me to see you are not feeling good but we will figure this out together.”

Even if your child does not have verbal language, he has heard your words on many levels of his being. You have created a space for your child to know he is safe, loved and understood to the best of your ability ~


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