Allow Well-Being to Flow ~ ~ ~ ~

There is always a stream of well-being, it flows never endedly to us and through us. We are either allowing it to flow or we are pinching it off a bit.

When we are ‘in~joying’ life, thriving, loving life, when you are happy, you are allowing the well-being to flow to you and through you and you can feel the exhilaration you knew you were meant to live all along.

When you are living life and something happens to cause negative emotion, if you allow that negative emotion to build up within you, like the log, bits of wood, mud and stones a beaver contributes to build up the strength of his home. The more he adds to build up his den, the less water that flows downstream. The more negative emotion that builds up within you or you pinch off the stream of well-being, the more discomfort you feel. At first it may simply feel like being out of sorts. It may progress to a bit of grumpiness, if you continue to pinch off the flow of well-being it will eventually progress to an unwanted physical manifestation. Either way you have complete control of how you are feeling and how much or how little you are allowing the stream of well-being to flow to you. It doesn’t matter if you have been pinching it off all of your life, you can, in this moment choose to allow it to flow ~

Allow well-being, look for things to appreciate, do what makes your heart sing, find joy within your life, feeling good is our birthright. It is completely up to you ~


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