You are completely surrounded in LOVE ~

We are always surrounded by love, well-being of All that is, Source energy, or that which I call God. Even when things seem to be at their lowest point, and you are feeling incredibly lonely, that feeling of loneliness is because you are looking at your current situation in a way that is opposite from Source.

Soften your view in those moments and recognize that when you are experiencing feelings of loneliness, great sadness or despair, that feeling of wanting to curl up into a ball and cry, is your separation from Source and only you can change that.

Simply remember that it is in those times you are completely surrounded, guided, loved and protected by All that Is, Angels and Ascended Masters ~ Take the time to focus in that moment and ask for their help, you will feel the relief in that and appreciate the feeling of their love surrounding you ~


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  1. Nice Blog !!! your the best

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