From Great Contrast to Great Clarity ~

Having been in despair after Connor was diagnosed with Autism, taking my own life was a better feeling thought momentarily, than living; out of great contrast came great crystal clear clarity ~

Ten years ago, I could not even see a light at the end of a very dark tunnel, I could not find parents with older children with Autism, that offered hope. From what I understood at that time, out futurelooked as though it would be a life sentence of living all I did not want in my life. I can stand in my now and declare to the world, It does not have to BE that way ~

I have found my way into a magnificent life experience. It may not look like the life I dreamed of while I was pregnant with Connor, or even his first year of life; it has become more incredible, more fulfilling, more spiritual, answering questions I have held within me all of my life. It has brought me to a place of knowing, a deeper understanding, a knowing that these magnificent children do not have a disability but an Ability; they are in fact showing all of us willing to listen, a new way of BEing. Open your hearts, your minds and allow these incredible beings we know as our children, show us Who us who we REALLY are ~


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