Moving Beyond Words ~

I want share something on a personal level that I have become aware of on my wonderful journey. When Connor was diagnosed with Autism, May of 2001, one of the ‘symptoms’ he had, a lack of the verbal language he once had. At that time of course, I was frustrated, not to mention depressed. Connor was experiencing great frustration at the inability to communicate his needs, his frustration, it was a very difficult time for all of us.

As our life journey began to unfold, as I began to allow this child to BE who he came into this physical life to be, there has been a magnificent unfolding that has taken place. We began to communicate on a deeper level. The best way I can describe what I was feeling is, I would have a ‘knowing from within’. Connor and I, although I did not realize it early on,  were communicating on a telepathic level. I did not hear his voice in my head. It was a knowing, I simply knew what was needed, I knew what Connor wanted, I knew what Connor needed to express. When I was upset or frustrated, I could not hear. As I remained calm, open and filled with ease, Connor and I shared a lovely dance of communication, moving beyond words ~

We continue this incredible process to this day. When I wrote Connor’s Gift Embracing Autism in this New Age ~ I felt such a deep, incredible connection to Source energy at that time, more so that ever before, on a constant, consistent basis since I had a purpose of writing from my heart. I set forth my intention of wanting to express my story and what was needed to be expressed on behalf of Connor and all children who were not able to express themselves verbally. I wanted to know information I was meant to give to whomever came across our book. I knew and know, who ever was meant to find this book and benefit from it, certainly will.

Now, when I speak with my wonderful, dear, like-minded friends, there is such great love and appreciation, I am sometimes unable to find words to express thoughts and feelings. I am unable to give verbal expression to what I am feeling, knowing and desiring to express. There is certainly a wonderful feeling from within me, that feels as though we are expressing so much more on a deeper level and we recognize this within each other.

All of this has brought me to this place of knowing that our precious children are here to teach us an evolved way of BEing, and evolved way of knowing.  As we as parents are able to put aside our preconceived notions of what we think our children should be doing, of what we believe they should be living, what we think it looks like. Rather, simply allow their unfolding into who they are, which will allow us to become who we really are ~ This is an incredibly exciting time for all us as we simply allow this evolution of BEing ~


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