Got it just right!

What if, these incredible children diagnosed with a dis~Ability, are coming forth to teach all of us, Unconditional LOVE? What if our children could say to us, “Mom, Dad, nothing went wrong, I got it just right, my differences will change the world, one person at a time. Let’s go and have a wonderful life together!” This is something I know with everything that I am, I feel the resonance of it. There is a greater unfolding taking place within our world as we know it. We, as parents are becoming the students of these little masters ~

Conditional love asks everyone and everything around you to change so that you can feel better in your now ~

Unconditional love states, I have the ability to align with source energy, seeing you through the eyes of source. You do not need to change who you are or how you act for me to feel better or love you ~

In order to live a calm life full of ease with our children or anyone else, we must learn to look past this so-called dis~Ability, or any behavior from another that we deem unwanted. It will take some practice but, when you are able to see your child or anything else in your life through the eyes of Source Energy, life becomes a beautiful ride ~


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