Embracing the Season’s of Your Life ~

Nature gives us such a wonderful example of change, four times a year and never puts up a fight with each season. In the Spring we look forward to the beauty of blooms all around us. Summer comes and we all go outside to play and bask in the warmth. Fall gives us more joy with those gorgeous colors and the falling of leaves. In the Winter everything goes dormant, signaling a time of rest for Mother Nature, a sort of going within, storing up or saving energy in preparation as Spring bursts forth once again.

If you can accept that change in your life will come, allowing this to happen, and know that there is nothing to fear, nothing to be concerned about, allowing it to happen with the same ease as the seasons within nature. You will come to find a lovely balance within you and within your life.

Simply enjoy the process, knowing All is Well, allowing the changes within your life to come and go as easily as Mother Nature allows the seasons to come and go and the tides to ebb and flow ~ You will ‘in~joy’ a wonderful unfolding of your life ~ as easily and effortlessly as breathing in and breathing out ~ Ebb and Flow ~ Ease and Flow ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


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