Creating ~

Do you know that you are the creator of your life experience? Ascended Masters from Jesus, Buddha and Saints have expressed this to the masses for centuries and yet we still do not fully understand that we are source energy or that which I call God, in physical form. Jesus said, “The Kingdom of God/Heaven is within you, (in the midst of you or among you) depending on whose translation you adhere to.

What you are observing or living on a daily basis, is always a vibrational match to what you are predominantly thinking. The universe is yielding to you exactly what you think about more often. Are you living and enjoying your life? Then continue what you are doing. If there are things you would like to change, it is time to become solution oriented. Out of everything we are living there is wanted and unwanted. It is OK to experience something unwanted, that is what you came into your physical body to do. Once you determine what is unwanted, reap from the contrast your new-found desire. What is it you DO want?

There are three steps to the creative process, 1. Ask, we are all doing this moment by moment, day by day. You came into this physical body for the growth and expansion you knew would come from living this life experience. 2. Source, God or All that is answers, every time, no exceptions. 3. Is to allow your new-found desire to come to you. Your job is to learn the Art of  Allowing. The Art of Allowing is your work. Interestingly enough it is not work at all. You must learn the action of inaction. Which means basking, appreciating the positive aspects in your life, taking a walk, going for a swim. Whatever makes you genuinely happy from within while you engage in pleasure is The Art of Allowing ~


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