What will you allow today?

We came into our physical bodies knowing we would experience contrast. We were excited and eager at the idea of coming forth, living life, sifting and sorting through the details each day, each moment, and then coming to a preferred desire. Our plan was to then allow our desire to come to fruition.

That is what creation, expansion and how evolution of the human experience comes about. Think back to one hundred or two hundred years ago and how far we have come in all areas of our life. We are living the improved version of life our ancestors desired. Hot running water, indoor plumbing, technology, improved health, well-being and on and on. Our improved desires are being set forth for future generations as well.

What we now know and many more are coming to know, that many of our forefathers did not, we can live in appreciation of our desires now ~ As we become solution oriented, sorting and sifting through the details of our lives. Coming to our desired conclusion of what is wanted, then turning our undivided attention to our new and improved version of our desires ~ We are deliberate creators of our life experience. The more you ‘in~joy’ life, appreciate your now, laugh more, love more, bask more, have FUN, then you are allowing not only improved versions of life experience for our future generations but you are living them as well ~ You can live the life you imagine for yourself now ~


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