Go with the flow of our children ~

I love to remind my dear friends and parents to go with the flow ~ Listen to that intuition or gut instinct. Try to find as much ease in your life and let go of any struggle.

We, as parents hold onto more stress than our children do, which we express in many ways outwardly, fatigue, crankiness, sometimes we express it with a lack of laughter or joy, a more solemn approach to life. Over our many years here on earth we have picked up resistance, and learned to fuss and worry about so many things. What many people do not realize is how sensitive our children are to our emotions. We all have a sixth sense, some of us are more in-tune than others. Many of our children are still a very pure form of Source energy which is why they have many sensitivities physically, including their intuition. They can sense when we are feeling off and will often mirror what discomfort we are feeling.

When your child is having some quiet time, if he/she is non-verbal or limited or aspie, simply express with your heart what you would like for them. Express verbally how much you love them, express how much you want to help them in any way you can and that you are looking for clues. Remind them that you want their happiness then hatch a plan together so you both get what you desire. Our children are more connected to the stream of well-being, follow their lead when they are experiencing calm and ease and then go with the flow  ~ ♥


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