New Beginnings ~

Each morning is a chance for a new beginning for more Love to grow and expand within the world we live in. Whenever we know what we do not want, we always know more clearly what we do want. When we see harm come to anyone, we desire peace. When we see hurt and anger, we desire love to replace what we see as injustice.

Each morning when we wake we have an opportunity to intend the type of day we desire. We have the choice of creating a day full of ease, calm and love. We can set that intention before our feet hit the ground in the morning.  When you observe something unwanted, ask yourself what it is you do want, then place your full attention on your new desire. The Universe or that which I call God will knock itself out to show you what you are looking for.

Each day, each moment we have the absolute pleasure of a new beginning if we choose to see it that way ~


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