Who is keeping score?

I remember one Saturday morning, we had the pleasure of sleeping in. All three of our children are either sleeping in longer or they are at an age where they can keep themselves busy. As we slept in, it felt so wonderful. The house was still quiet. I could hear Connor and our oldest son playing together, which added to my comfort level and I was able to close my eyes once again. It was nearly 8 o’clock in the morning. For us, coming out of babyhood, toddler-hood and early stages of Autism, that is pretty good!

My husband began to get out of bed. He stretched and yawned and said, “I’m still tired!” Me: “Why don’t you come back to bed?” His response was, “Well it is 8 o’clock I really should get up.” I thought and then said, “Says who?”

Growing up as children, we were told many things by loving, well-meaning adults. When to get up, when to go to bed, when we would be eating, going to school, etc. We did not have any control over our own lives. We were expected to do what they asked us to do, even if we did not want to. We were asked to live our lives the way they thought was best for us and for them. As adults we often carry over their beliefs, their rules and their expectations, not realizing we are living our lives they way they set it up for us and not how we think we should be living. My husband did not realize at that time, he was in that moment using a thought pattern of his youth that he should not sleep in. He should get up and get moving. He shouldn’t be lazy and lounge in bed.

It was a wonderful reminder to both of us that we are grown-ups but more importantly, it was a reminder that we can become more mindful of how we live our lives. We can choose everything within our lives, using our guidance within us. If it feels good, we can choose to live it. If it does not serve us, we can let it go. There isn’t anyone one keeping score of what we do and don’t do. It is so important to listen from within. Our inner guidance is a gift from All that is. Our emotions are our indicators of how well we are keeping up with our own inner being, soul or guidance. You are able to choose for yourself what is best for you in ALL areas of your life ~


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