Happy Fourth of July ~

The Fourth of July represents a sense of freedom, patriotism and love of country and fellow-man. There is a celebration, a feeling of pride, joy and love. Whatever gives you that swelling within your chest, within your heart, tears of joy in your eyes, in that moment you are connected to Source, All that is. That is why it feels so good.

Today, I invite you to enjoy those wonderful feelings and add yourself into that mix of feeling joy and pride of self. Many of us were taught it is not healthy or a good thing to be selfish. Let me ask you, Can you see or witness anything but through the eyes of self? The answer is no. Even if you try to bypass your own feelings, you can never see through another’s eyes. A side effect of not being selfish and taking care of self……as we give more and more of ourselves, we are depleted emotionally and physically having nothing from within to give.

It is time for all of us to remember to take time for ourselves, meditation, a walk, a workout, a massage, a bit of quiet time with a cup of tea, minutes a day. Whatever makes you feel wonderful and gives you a sense of contentment as you do it. When you take time for yourself, you have more to give. When you take time to connect to Source, you have the leverage of the Universe on your side. Happy Leverage of the Universe Day ~


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