Your Focus Amplifies ~

All day everyday we are sorting and sifting through details of life whether you are aware of it or not. Whenever you know what you do not want, you know what you do want. Many people believe that if you can do your best to protect yourself from something unwanted, push against it, or shout NO at it, you will keep it away from you or keep it from coming into your experience. What they are not aware of is that we live in an attraction based Universe. Whatever you place your attention on or your focus upon predominately, you will receive the essence of.

Notice what is around you, notice what comes into your experience often, on a daily basis. If you are happy with your surroundings, if you are content with what you are experiencing, then continue doing what you are doing. If however, there are things you would like to change, you can begin to change how you think and respond to what you witness and observe. Whatever you give your predominate attention to is what Law of Attraction will give or reflect back to you. Whatever you think of more often is magnifying to the Universe what you are saying you want, even if you would prefer not to have that in your experience. We truly can create a life we desire, a life full of ease, a life full of love, a life full of Bliss and we do that by magnifying those desires out to the Universe ~


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