Throwing a tantrum?

Throwing a tantrum?

Yes, I admit, I do this sometimes! ;0)

Our children show us on a regular basis that we are supposed to feel good. Left to their own devices they would be happy and joyful most of the time. When they do not feel good, with or without a so-called dis~Ability, you better believe we know they are upset, because they are so certain with every fiber of their being they are supposed to feel good.

Think of these precious newborns. They still remember they came from pure positive energy or Heaven as many refer to non-physical. After their birth they begin acclimating to being around us human beings that have been here a little bit longer. We have picked up some resistance or negative emotion on our trail and more often than not, we have not released that old baggage. We carry it around as if we are waiting to go on a trip at any moment which is why newborns need to nap so often. They need that time to be with us in our energy or vibration and then nap where they return to that blissful state once again for a little break. It is an acclimation process. As a toddler they begin to mirror us, taking on some of the negative emotion we have floating around and if they find themselves upset we know it! As they grow up they find more to fuss and worry about and they will eventually mirror us as adults ~   Or ~

We could remember we are supposed to feel good now. Anything short of feeling good makes us want to throw a tantrum ~ It is in our nature to feel good. We knew we would have some contrast coming into our physical bodies but we did not anticipate getting hung up in negative emotion. We could begin right now looking for positive aspects of our lives. We could list everything we can think of we are appreciative of, we are grateful for. We could take more time to do things that make us feel good, feel wonderful when we engage in the activity. We could make that our purpose in life and we could allow our children that same luxury ~ It feels SO good to feel GOOD ~


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