Curve balls

Life can throw you some curve balls ~ We came into our physical bodies to experience life, ups and downs, joy and sadness. We did not intend on being so problem oriented. Generations had endured both joy and sadness but it seems like the predominate thought is trying to make things better so their children do not have a life as rough as they did. As if focusing on what made them want the better life will move them forward into a better life. As if focusing on the problem rather than the solution will make things better. Wonderful intentions but that is not the way it is.

We live in an attraction based Universe. What you focus upon returns to you. What you think about predominately is what you live and experience in life. Life can and will throw you curve balls, we signed up for a variety of life when we came into our physical bodies. We knew there would be contrast and from that contrast would be great expansion of all that is and we were thrilled about the idea of that. The difference between what you knew before you came forth and what you may be experiencing in life is your reaction to anything that comes your way. Have you heard the saying, ‘It isn’t what life gives you but what you do with it’?

With each thought are two ways of looking at it. If you are in pain, you can be in pain and be scared, depressed and angry because you are in pain or you can be in pain and be hopeful and optimistic that the pain will go away, it will disappear. Ask yourself which feels better? You can see yourself as a victim or you can empower yourself and begin to think and feel your way into a better feeling state of being. We are powerful creators of our own life experience. We get the essence of what we think about predominately, what you think about is always your choice. We are so free we can choose bondage ~ Or you can choose to be the creator of a magnificent life experience ~


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