Well Meaning Friends and Family

We all encounter those wonderful well-meaning friends and family members, offering their advice on how they think we should be living our lives. Simply smile and say, Thank you to them, whatever they offer. I am certain they simply are trying to be of help and have your best interest in mind. If they press any issue, smile and say, ‘I appreciate your concern and I will keep that in mind’.

Until you walk in someone elses shoes, you cannot know what they are living, and vice versa. As you are acknowledging their advice and by saying you appreciate it, they will ‘feel heard’ and you can just put their advice on the back shelf! No one knows our lives, our own children or are more in tune with our children than we are. We may not have all the answers but, here is what is wonderful….as we ponder the questions, even mentioning it to our child, even if they are non-verbal as Connor once was, they do hear everything. And, in the quiet, your answer to whatever you ask will come to you. Not in a booming voice, like James Earl Jones ;0) but in a thought or an inspiration.

I am certain you are aware that when someone loses or does not have one ‘sense’, they might be deaf or blind, all of their other physical senses are heightened? Our children have a heightened sense as well, they are more in tune with their sixth sense, which means they are more ‘in-tune’ with us as well. As long as they are not demanded out of their own alignment, (our children with autism are more difficult to demand out of their alignment on purpose, that is why they are here) they will stay mostly in-tune with All that is.

Do not try to cover up any discomfort with your child, because the can ‘see’ past that facade. This is a wonderful time of learning for both of you. Try to simply ‘BE’ and ‘in~joy’ your child ~ ♥


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