Appreciation ~

Tracie Age 2

Today is my 42 Birthday ~ Nothing in my life has changed it more for the magnificent that Appreciation of everything within my life ~

I have been mostly a very happy girl for most of my life. As I grew up, I began to fuss and worry about things just like many of us do. With each precious child I birthed, while the love grew more than I could ever have imagined, so did the worry and concern for their safety and well-being. I knew then it did not feel good, but I assumed it came with motherhood and I would have to put up with it.

After Connor was diagnosed with Autism, a very dark depression set in, one where death, no matter how much of a sin I was told it would be within my religion, felt like the answer. God and I would have it out when I met him.

I now know with powerful asking comes great clarity and answers. As we allow the answers to flow to us, life can become more magnificent than we could have ever dreamed. I began with my gratitude book. Each night I wrote ten things I was grateful for. It was very difficult for me at first. Our minds are just like the muscles within our bodies. You have to use it or lose it! The more I wrote each night in my gratitude journal, the more easily it came. Now, I go throughout my day saying Thank you in my head or out loud. The more appreciation I show, the more to appreciate is shown to me.

I know showing appreciation for everything within my own life has in fact changed my life for the magnificent. Once you show this to yourself, you will not need anyone else to convince you. It is easily proven to yourself and once you do prove it to yourself, you too shall find there is no other way to LIVE ~ I teach my children to show appreciation for everything as well. More than just saying Thank you, but feeling Appreciation from within~ Imagine this beautiful world of ours with everyone showing great love and appreciation for All that Is ~




  1. Dear Tracie Carlos…You Beautiful Birthday Girl, YOU! You are so special. I can totally relate to your story and how being in gratitude and having sincere appreciation changes everything. I used to think that I only had the present and the future in my life because the past was in the past, yet, I am able to look at this past differently, as I can appreciate you do also, from reading your story. You see, I felt the past was over…so let it go… and get on to the future by appreciating the Now…and all that is so true, yet in addition…I’ve discovered that the Law of Attraction follows me all the days of my life…and so I now see in all the past experiences I’ve gathered together to make me the person I am now…I find that I can look at the past differently. I can realize the power in appreciating that everything always works out for me (and they always did)…and what’s more… everything works out better for me than I have ever imagined it would or could. I think about the past in that place of knowing… I am here… realizing this marvelous NOW, because of every step I’ve made, every experience I’ve had and every feeling that I grew with…and I am very happy for my unfolding. Life is Good! I love the way the experiences you have had have brought you to who you are now too. I love that your heart is bigger than the moon, that your smile is an artful indelible mark on my memory, that you love everything you are so naturally, that you realize the beauty in life that discovers you, that you embrace the path that is given to you so kindly and much much more. I appreciate that you have accepted the past of your life differently in the Now of your life. I appreciate being your friend and absorbing your life experiences vicariously, while delighting in our common thread to appreciate and be appreciated. It is a pleasure to know and grow with youm my most worthy friend. Happy Birthday, Lovely Lady. In Appreciation and Love, Peggy Halevi

  2. I’m thinking about this real hard.


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