Cranky is Optional ~

Life can throw us many different turns we are not prepared for, didn’t see coming or may throw us off for a little bit. If at every turn we are feeling like the victim of unforeseen circumstances, feeling used, feeling as though we are the ones who have to do everything while everyone else is having fun. You will continue to experience that in your life experience because that is what you believe. The more you experience your belief that you are the only one in the world or the few that the worries of the world falls on your shoulders, the more grumpy or cranky you will become.

Your feelings are a choice! Are you aware of that? If you weren’t aware before now, I ask you to contemplate it.  You have the ability to view any situation with optimism or pessimism. You can shift any thought within you no matter what you are witnessing. YOU have that ability, each and every time. There is no exception within the Universe, YOU can change or shift your own thoughts due to free will. You are so free you could choose bondage.

So, what will you choose today? Will you choose to lead a life of crankiness or will you choose to lead a life of Happiness? I know what I will be choosing………. join me ~ ;0)


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