Connecting with your Inner Being ~

Ethereal Bloom by sumopiggy

Many may call it your soul ~ Intuition ~Little Bird on your shoulder ~ Your Inner Being ~ It does not matter what you call it, it is your Divine Guidance from within.  The physical world around us gets our attention, which is a very good thing. That is why we came into physical form, to live life as delicious physical beings. I have found however, the more time I take for myself, to turn inward, even a few minutes a day, can make all the difference in my world.

I am one who is still perfecting the art of meditation in the way others find it helpful and I am OK with that. I find that when I quiet my mind, more and more wonderful ideas flood my mind with inspiration. I do not push against this, I simply allow myself to take the inspired action. When I take a few times a day to stop everything I am doing, and be still, be quiet and go within, my day will go along so much better. I once thought, being a busy mother and wife, care giver, chauffeur, chef, housekeeper, I do not have time to sit and meditate! That seemed like a luxury.

Here is the secret I have found that is now my complete knowing ~ When you stop and meditate during your day or ten or fifteen minutes, even a few minutes at a time, twice a day, whatever works well with your schedule and within your own mind and body, the leverage you offer yourself in your life, is huge. It turns out, when you take time to connect with your soul or inner being, the leverage of the Universe is yours ~ There is a saying, “The noise of the world drowns out the Voice of God” ~ When you take time to be still, to be quiet from within, you will begin to have more inspired actions, you will begin to hear the voice of God, those soft subtle nudges from within, you will experience more calm within your life, more ease within your day, all because you took some time to get to know YOU ~


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