Alignment is EVERYTHING ~

I have a dear senior friend that is in the early stages of Alzheimer’s. I have mentioned to her daughter often, I was struck by the similarities that I have lived with Autism in our lives and what her mother is going through. I have been softly contemplating this for a few weeks. One night as I was preparing to go to sleep, I was basking and appreciating as I do every night and then this subject popped into my head once again. Then, I got it, I received my answer ~ Alignment.

It is my knowing that our children diagnosed with what many see as a dis-Ability came forth to live a different life experience, purposely. From our non-physical perspective we ‘see’ things are not going well for everyone. As a population, we have forgotten who we really are, we have forgotten that we are creators of our life experience. Many believe they have no control over their own lives, see themselves or others as victims. Many, at one time myself included, follow what others deem as appropriate for us. We choose our professions by what others believe would be best, what would bring in the most cash flow in our lives rather than following what we are passionate about and trusting that we are fully supported and the Universe or God will provide. We allow others to guide us in our life experience rather than understanding we have our own divine guidance from within, our emotions. We are too caught up in the ‘props’ of life.

It is my knowing, these magnificent beings are coming forth, so connected to Source Energy, you cannot easily demand them out of their alignment with Source. When you observe and witness these children up close, when they are allowed to do what is pleasing to them without restrictions or demands, you can see their alignment in their entire being. Our senior friends have lived a lot of life and were so caught up in those ‘props’ of life, they forgot that they too are powerful creators. In order to bridge that gap, in order to allow releasing of resistance their bodies and minds develop dis-ease known as Alzheimer’s or dementia to give them the relief they could not find on their own. Those who develop Alzheimer’s will have moments that lapse their ‘now’ reality to be in alignment with Source. My friend mentioned, even though her mom is in the early stages of Alzheimer’s, she is happier ~

Our alignment with Source, God, our inner being is so innate, so profound, so fundamental ‘it’ will be the dominate force within us, so much so these magnificent teachers are willing to come forth with so-called dis~Abilities or a so-called dis-ease where you cannot demand them away from source, from feeling good, from being, feeling, knowing BLISS, unless you try, then you have a fight on your hands. In their alignment, you can ‘see’ ALL IS WELL ~ Our children and our senior friends are showing us the way ~ Allow, Follow your Bliss, Let go, In~JOY ~ Find your alignment and it will find you ~ ♥


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  1. You are awesome. I love reading your posts.

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