What are you creating?

We are all creators of our life experience. As I look outside my front window, I see everyone in a hurry on their way to work or where ever they need to be and I wonder? Do they realize they are powerful creators of their life experience? Do you?

The only reason you want anything in your life is because you believe you will be happier once you have it. Do you want more money? Do you want a meaningful relationship? Do you want a larger home? Do you want a better paying job? Whatever it is, why do you want it? Ask yourself. The answer will always be, because you believe you will feel better once you have it, once you are living it, once you have created it. So, how do you get from where you are to what you want? By beginning to feel better about where you are NOW. You do not have to actually have what you desire to be happy. Certainly it would be easier to be happy if you had your desire right now. But, then you would be like the rest of the world driving by that does not realize you are the creator of your own reality. To get from here to there, you must dream it, feel it and most importantly of all, appreciate all that you have in your life right now, and be happy in your now!

You cannot focus or think two things at the same time. When you are worrying, you are creating more of that in your future. When you are appreciating, loving, in~JOYing your life, when you are happy in your now, you are creating a life full of happiness. Remember, it isn’t just a smile so other people ‘think’ you are happy. This is an inside job. It is you, finding your way into wonderful feeling thoughts for the purpose of feeling wonderful.  What you will notice is that feeling good, being happy is so much more powerful than having any material object.  Yes, as you feel better and better more frequently you will receive those things you desire but you will appreciate even more that those material items are simply a byproduct of feeling good. You will begin to relish feeling good.  So, let me ask again, what kind of life are you creating ?


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  1. Wow! Will will work on in~JOYing My life! : )

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