Seeing their Brilliance ~

Many of our children, diagnosed with what many call or see as a dis~Ability come forth with the purpose of living a different life experience. These children of ours made the decision to come into physical form yet be mostly in alignment with their inner being, source energy or God. I recognize I am asking many of you to think outside the box, but surely you must see glimpses of brilliance within our children and when you see it, a diagnosis of a ‘disability’ seems off. Different, yes, determined to do things their way, definitely. So determined to be in alignment with source, to feel good within themselves, they will not easily be swayed from how they have determined to be, YOU BET! I have found the only time Connor ever has a difficult time is when he is being challenged or asked to do something he prefers not to do. Our children are like amplified human beings. When they do not want to do something, they REALLY do not want to do it. When they find something they love, something the are passionate about, everyone knows it.

Each child, each human being is unlike anyone in the universe, there are aspects of each of us that are unique unto ourselves. When you observe your child you could either focus upon those wonderful aspects, seeing the brilliance of your child, feeling wonderful as you witness them or you could focus upon the aspects that are not pleasing to you and feel great discomfort. Seeing their brilliance is always your choice.

When Connor was first diagnosed I could not see his brilliance, I made the choice to see it and you can too. Those early days of Autism were extremely difficult and I was not willing to live my life in the struggle I was living. I made the decision to change the way I looked at everything in my life, and I did. I began keeping a gratitude journal, writing lists of everything I appreciated about Connor. What happened is seemingly magical, amazing and life changing to me. Connor began to show me more of those things I appreciated. There was less struggle, less challenge, fewer tantrums. More giggles, more ease, more love, more calm and more excitement on my part and his. Certainly he still has his days when he has a difficult time, I too have difficult days, after all we are all human and I find we often mirror one another. If he is having a difficult time, I do as well and vice versa, those days I take it easy on both of us. My trick was to practice seeing all of those wonderful, positive aspects of Connor when he was at school or when he was asleep. When he was happy, laughing, giggling or engaged in a project that was pleasing to him, I would say to myself and the Universe, ‘More of this please’!

Our minds are so incredibly powerful and you can change your perspective on anything within your life. It is a simply choice you must make to see the brilliance within your child, your life and within you ~


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