Your Path ~

Are you following your soul path? Do you know what your path is?  The one that feels wonderful, it allows you to jump out of bed each morning with excitement to begin your day? Many people as they are growing up have a good idea what path they want to follow. Most are guided by their parents desires for them, some for the money they expect to make to realize their dreams and many do accomplish their outward desires. They set about making plans for schooling to accomplish their goals. They may continue on this path for many years accomplishing much yet living with a sense that they are missing something, yet they cannot put their finger on what it is.

I had this sense that something was missing within me for a long time. I am a busy wife and mother and my family takes precedence above everything, yet the desire, the continued asking was there. Something was missing, but what? Autism came into our lives and I thought things will never be the same. Indeed that is the truth. I did not know then how magnificent my life would become. I did not realize from such incredible heartache, my life, my mind and my heart would open up so completely. A world of connection to Source Energy, to God, to my inner being has brought me to a place of service to others, I never thought was possible. Through what I once saw as heartache, my path was shown to me. As I have allowed it to unfold, it is better than I could ever have imagined, more fulfilling than I could have ever dreamed.

What we often see as a road block in our lives is often simply changing lanes. While we cannot see the destination, as we trust our guidance from within, taking one step at a time the road begins to open up for us. Just because something gets in your way momentarily, rather than rushing to anger or frustration, stop for a moment and acknowledge that although you were not planning on this, something bigger is going on. Know that everything is always working out for you, you do not need to see then entire road, only the next logical step. Life truly is about the journey not the destination ~


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