The Language of Feeling ~

There is a great sense within me that we are evolving ~ I am meeting more and more incredible people who seem to be riding this wave of appreciation, of joy, of love, of excitement and those who are wanting to be heading in that direction. In conversations you can feel the palpable appreciation for All that is as the conversation expands around us. Even to the point where we are unable to find the words to express our love, our appreciation, our joy. It is a Feeling ~

This dovetails perfectly in my appreciation for our children, many coming forth diagnosed with what many call a dis-Ability, lacking verbal language. If these children had not come forth, unable to verbalize or lose their ability to verbalize, we as parents, teachers, human beings would not have to adjust our way of communicating with them. Because of these magnificent children, we must think outside the box as we try to communicate with them. If we want to have an understanding of their world, we must be willing to embrace them, love them unconditionally and find any way we can of communicating with them, many of us on an intuitive level. Many parents are witnessing wonderful things happen around and within because of their evolving relationship with their children. Their feelings are being amplified as they witness and interact with their children. Our children are guiding us, teaching us to become students, we are learning the language of feeling.  Our emotions are our guidance from within. Yet as a society, hardly anyone listens to their emotions, to their gut feeling, to their intuition. We gloss over our emotions, our feelings and forge ahead without taking time to check within ~Can you see the brilliance in this divine plan as an evolution of the human experience?


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  1. Yes I see and FEEL even more. Thank you for your post. I’m going to share it on my other page.

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