Building Blocks

Do you ever begin to think about something that brings up a negative emotion? ;0) The more you think about it, the more it bothers you, then you remember another experience that bothers you? Pretty soon you feel stuck in memories of negative experiences and negative emotions.

Our thoughts are like children’s building blocks. The more you think about something within the same vibration, Law of Attraction will bring to your memory more of the same types of thoughts. Not because someone out there wants you to feel bad or you always have bad luck but because Law of Attraction is always a constant equal opportunity law. You get what you think about whether you want it or not.

We always have a choice about what we think about. You can make the choice to stop any negative thoughts, acknowledge this is not serving me right now and then purposefully  reach for better feeling thoughts. As long as we are in our physical bodies we will experience highs and lows of life. We made the decision from non-physical to experience all that life experience offers when we came forth for the expansion we knew it would cause. Why not make peace with our emotions since we have control over directing our thoughts. Make the decision to think about things that feel wonderful when you ponder them. Law of Attraction will bring more of those wonderful thoughts to think about. Just like building blocks you can create more and more wonderful things to ponder within your life. As you purposefully think better and better feeling thoughts, you are creating a magnificent life, more wonderful than you could ever imagine ~


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