Communication ~

How many times have you been in a conversation with someone and what they are speaking of and what you are feeling while engaging in the conversation feels off to you. Maybe you cannot quite put your finger on it but something doesn’t feel right.

We are communicating with one another on many levels of our being. Yes we use our words but we also use our body language and my son Connor has taught me that we are communicating on a deeper level, an intuitive level, a vibrational level, a level of communication that surpasses words in the beauty and feeling. In fact it has become my personal experience that communicating with our vibration, our intuition is so much more powerful than our words. It is more of an understanding. That is why when you speak with someone and their words sound off, dare I say it feels like they are lying, you are aware of it. You can feel it.

It is my personal belief we are evolving as human beings. We are becoming more aware, more in-tune, feeling more, expressing more than our words could ever do. My son Connor has taught me this, along with many of his friends diagnosed with Autism.  More of my friends and fellow parents are beginning to experience life beyond words. What an exciting time we live it. It is delicious ~ It is Beyond Words ~


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