Unlimited ~

I have some wonderful friends that have what they call, “Unlimited Thought” meetings with their staff. Really it is coffee, a lot of fun, throwing ideas out there, more coffee, more fun, more ideas bouncing off one another, more coffee and more fun. I LOVE the sound of that, I love the thought of that and now, we have unlimited thought fun with our family. At first it was slow going but that is simply because we were not used to stretching our imaginations. We simply throw ideas out there for the fun of it. We do not have to think about how it is going to happen, when it will happen or if it will ever happen. We do it for the FUN of it ~

How often do you allow your mind to wander, your imagination to flourish, your thoughts to go wild with all of the wonderful things that you Be or Do or Have happen within your life? That is what our imaginations are for. Many of us were taught as children to ‘snap out of it’ when we would daydream as children. My children are never told to snap out of it, because I have remembered what our imaginations are for. They are for dreaming our lives into being what we desire. Our imaginations are for using the muscle of the mind, our thoughts, our imagination, our daydreams for stretching and going beyond what anyone is living in their now moments. Our imaginations can unlock a magnificent life when we allow our minds to think Unlimited Thoughts ~



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