Signed up for what?

What if you knew that we purposefully came forth from non-physical to live this life, contrast and all for the expansion of it? What if you knew this is what you signed up for? We signed up for the opportunity to come forth, to play in this game called life, with everyone else on the planet then turn our attention toward our new desire. We were eager to come forth because of the great diversity that we would encounter with our fellow human beings. How does that make you feel?

If you are not aware that you create your own life experience and you are creating by default meaning; you observe life, offer a thought or vibration about your observation and Law of Attraction brings you more of what you are observing. This means if you are observing things that are not pleasing to you more often, and receiving more unpleasing things to observe, life may be pretty uncomfortable for you. However, you can change your point of attraction at any time. Your new awareness that you can create your life experiences is the beginning of moving things in the direction you desire. This is something I encourage you to try and you can easily prove to yourself. When something comes into your experience you can notice it, then ask yourself, ‘From this observation what is it that I desire?’ Use that clarity to recognize your new desire and then turn your undivided attention to the new desire. You will begin to create experiences within your life that are amazing ~


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  1. Good morning meditation.

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