Happiness is Yours ~

Happiness is YOURS ~ If you decide to claim it.

For most of my life, I was a happy girl, but I did not realize I could purposefully choose to be happy more of the time. I, like many others thought sometimes I was lucky, sometimes life was difficult. I was not aware that I could choose to be happy more of the time, all of the time and direct my thoughts toward being happy or content. Nor was I aware of the fact that as I chose happiness, my life would move in the direction that was natural to my well-being, my inner being. A life full of contentment, ease and joy.

Each one of us can choose happiness each day, each moment of our lives.  The trick is, do not look to others or your circumstances for your happiness. Certainly it would be easier to observe others doing things that are pleasing to you and to observe circumstances that are pleasing in order to feel good. Remember, you cannot control anything outside of yourself, but you can control how you feel. When you make the decision that nothing matters more than that you feel good, purposefully dreaming, thinking or looking for anything that makes you feel wonderful in your observation, you become a deliberate creator of your life experience.


1 Comment

  1. Hudge Holden

    So true and simple and wise! Wish I could keep this perspective every day. Thank you.

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