Don’t sweat the small stuff ~

It is not the BIG things in life that affects your vibration and your focus. It is the little day to day grumblings that sends your thoughts in a negative or positive direction, which directly affects your point of attraction.

This requires a little story behind it but well worth the message; Yesterday I was at a stop sign and two cars going the opposite directions arrived at the stop sign just before I did. An older woman to my right was making a left hand turn. The person who was across from her was planning on going straight. Since they both arrived at the stop sign at the same time, the driver going straight, with a smile, motioned to the driver across from her making the turn to go ahead. I thought that was a nice pleasant experience to witness. Something I look for as confirmation that everything is going well in my world. People who are kind and pleasant to one another. Then I caught site of the woman turning and I had to do a double take the verify what I was seeing.

As she was turning she was miffed that the other driver, rather than taking her turn and going straight so she could turn after, gave her permission to turn before. The older woman was grumpy because she was given permission to make her turn out of order. As she passed by me you could see the grumpy face, which made me want to observe her even more because it took me by surprise, and you could see she was grumbling, mouthing who knows what. The words cranky, grumpy and sweating the small stuff came to mind.

I was feeling good, I was appreciating the act of kindness I had just observed and when I saw how grumpy the older lady was even though someone had just been kind to her, I Laughed Out Loud!! That moment allowed me to recognize that it truly is the little, moment to moment thoughts we have that sets our vibrational tone. When we are grumpy and allow little things to bother us, we will continue to experience similar situations within our lives. Grumpy thought after grumpy thought builds and creates a life full of not so pleasing things. Or you could recognize nothing feels better than to feel good and look for things that are pleasing. When you set forth feeling good as your dominant intention, witnessing someone grumpy will not have an effect on you or your vibration, it will in fact allow you to recognize that we all have a choice in how we live our day to day life. I choose feeling good, will you join me?


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