How do you measure success?

There was a time I truly thought success was measured by the amount of money I made, the car I drove or the number of credit cards I had in my wallet! Oi! I must have felt valued because so many stores and companies felt I was good enough to have their credit cards. I suppose we all have to go through something like this to recognize this is something we no longer value, to create from within what we do value.

Today I value calm, ease and flow in my life, I value my true, deep connection to Source energy. That does not mean what I once valued is bad or wrong. I still love pretty things, I love my car, it carries my precious cargo, my family in it. I love our home, it is filled with my family and wonderful memories. I love pretty jewelry, or Bling, the way it sparkles, I love admiring it, just because it is pretty. I love being able to go on wonderful family vacations. But I feel fortunate that what I find more valuable than anything is my alignment with Source energy.  When my focus was placed solely on things, on material items, something was missing. I did not know what it was at the time, I figured if I could fill that void I would feel better but I was trying to fill that void with material items. When I focus on feeling good from within, when I look for things to appreciate, when I purposefully connect with my inner being and make that my priority, now I have filled that void I once had and feels so much better than trying to fill the void with material items.

We live in a material world, and of course it is OK to enjoy nice things. Life is supposed to be fun and feel good and we are meant to live lives full of ease which includes the material items we enjoy. When you focus on feeling good from within, now you are living life to the fullest. You are focusing on your relationship with your inner being, which feels wonderful, it feels like contentment, it feels like love, it feels like satisfaction and you can enjoy all of the lovely material items that surround you.


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