Are you living a dual personality?

Do you say one thing outwardly, in front of others yet think or believe something else inwardly?

When you think or believe something, a belief is a thought you keep thinking about, that is what Law of Attraction responds to every time. Not your words but what you wholeheartedly believe is where your point of attraction is. Many try to speak nice, flowery words so that it seems like they are being positive or acting positive, not realizing that the only thing that matters is what they truly believe.

No matter where you begin on your journey the only thing that matters is how you are feeling about anything. The time for giving your attention, focus and beliefs to everyone else is passing. We are moving into a time of authenticity and empowerment of self. I recognize many of us, including myself were taught not to be selfish and many will not allow themselves to become empowered, believing it would be a sin or against what God believes. But let me ask you, can you witness your life through the eyes of anyone else but self? Being selfish is not a bad thing like many of us were taught. In fact, if you do not take time to fill yourself up with spirit first, you will have nothing to give another and over time you will suffer from depression or another medical diagnosis, more importantly, you will not feel good. It is the airplane/oxygen analogy. On an airplane, if the oxygen masks drop down, we must place the mask on ourselves before we try to help another or we will be the ones to pass out. Filling your heart, resting your body, nourishing your soul, providing nutrition for your body must come first or you will not be able to give of yourself to another. It is time for you to feel empowerment, loved and cherished by All that is. Go within and see your life from the heart, not your brilliant minds. See your life through the eyes of Source Energy ~


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  1. I think that it’s less a question of selfishness, and more the idea that you need to put yourself on your own list. Treat yourself as least as nice as you do other people. that’s not only an act of respect to yourself as a bueautiful, unique child of God, but also puts you in better shae to help other people as well.

    In all things, balance


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