Appreciation of Contrast ~

When I first began studying Law of Attraction, understanding that LOA happens whether you are aware of it or not, just like gravity, I wanted to understand it fully. I wanted to understand how to purposefully create a life full of joy, ease and happiness. I did not want any negative emotion or discomfort in my life. I thought if I could just eradicate all negative emotion, all discomfort from my life, then I would feel much better and my life would be perfect and full of ease always. Sounded like a perfect plan, right?

Then I began to understand fully that we, all of us, are Spiritual beings having a human experience. We made the conscious decision from non-physical to express a small portion of who we are into these physical bodies for the purpose of mixing it up with others, including contrast and negative emotion and then, from that interaction coming to a preferred preference. We simply did not plan on getting so caught up in negative emotion so long. From my place of discomfort at lingering so long in contrast and negative emotion, that is why I no longer wanted any more contrast in my life!

As I began to understand and embrace contrast, defining what I did want and then turning my undivided attention to my new-found desire, NOW I began to appreciate contrast. Yes, appreciate contrast. When you realize that you are the creator of your life experience, contrast, although sometimes uncomfortable simply helps you define with more clarity more of what you do want, turning your undivided attention to your magnificent new-found desire. Trusting Law of Attraction will bring the essence of your new-found desire to you, then you are the magnificent creator you came forth to BE ~


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