Happy Birthday Connor ~

My precious child, what an adventure we have been on these past twelve years. When you were born, I felt so completely blessed to give birth to our third child, perfect and healthy in every single way. The love in our home grew beyond anything I could imagine, my life was full, my heart was full and I was the happiest woman in the world. When you were two years old, I thought you began to regress because I went back to work. I thought I had ruined your perfect life, I was afraid it was my fault. When you were diagnosed with Autism, I did not understand how a perfectly healthy child could be diagnosed with a disability nearly three years after his birth. Forgive me for being angry.

We have been on a roller coaster of ups and downs, ins and outs like no other I have ever experienced. So much discomfort at times, I did not think our life would ever be happy, comfortable or full of ease. Yet, you Connor, YOU have brought me back to spirit, back to knowing, back to remembering who I really am in a way I never saw coming and I appreciate that with everything that I am. YOU are my most profound teacher ~

You dear child have taught me how to see my world through the lens of Unconditional Love. I may not always see life through that lens, after all I am human, but you have taught me the value of diversity, understanding and compassion. Once I understood you were teaching me and that in fact I was the student, my world began to open up. You are teaching me to never place limits on anyone or anything in life and I got it!

I now stand in a place of Love, Hope, Understanding, Ease and Passion for what is to come. Thank you so much dear child for being patient with me, loving me unconditionally and teaching me to live life beyond words. I am eager for the future ~ Let’s go to Disneyland!


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