Trust ~

Trusting is a wonderfully powerful vibration.

Do you trust that everything is always working out well for you? The Universe is always working in your favor, it always has your back. Talk about the ultimate backing!

When you are worried or concerned, or any other negative emotion, you are splitting your energy.

In a world where there is only well-being flowing endlessly to you and through, to each of us and through each of us; if we were to simply trust and allow well-being to flow, we would be living a life full of well-being, health, ease, flow and abundance.

Are you able to suspend doubt and worry for a little while, just long enough to feel how lovingly embraced you are, how fully supported you are, how loved you are? Trust, allow and Be ~ Recognize the Universe, All that is or God, is fully supporting you. Relax your shoulders and your body, breathe in and release and know All is Well ~


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